A hackathon is a place to create.

Working together with a team, you will have 24 hours to create something: website, app, game, anything. You’ll then present your creation to a panel of judges.

A hackathon is a place to learn.

For the beginner coders, we provide workshops. These workshops are designed so you can learn a new skill. For veteran hackers, industry programmers will be available as mentors. These mentors are a way to learn what happens in real life.


A hackathon is a place to have fun.

Meals, snacks, and swag are all provided β€” free of charge. Special breakouts are planned to give your mind (and fingers!) a break.

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Saturday 5th
8:30 AM πŸ‘‹ Doors Open/Check-In
9:15 AM πŸ“’ Opening Ceremony
9:45 AM πŸ‘©‍πŸ’» Hacking Begins along with Team Formation
10:30 AM ☁️ WS: Intro to Amazon AWS
11:30 AM πŸ•Έ WS: Your 1st Website + AWS S3
12:30 AM 🍽️ Lunch: Zoup
2:30 PM πŸ’¬ WS: Chatbot with Polly and Lex
3:30 PM πŸ€– WS: VR Basics
6:30 PM 🍽️ Dinner: Twin Dragon
7:30 PM πŸ‘ WS: ML Facial/Object Detection
Sunday 6th
12:00 AM 🍦 Midnight Snack
2:00 AM πŸ‘Ύ Game Break
7:00 AM ⚠️ 3 Hour Warning
7:30 AM 🍳 Breakfast
9:00 AM πŸ“ Start Project Submission
10:00 AM βŒ› Hacking Ends
10:15 AM πŸ’¬ Judging Begins
11:15 AM πŸ† Award Ceremony
11:45 AM πŸ“’ Closing Ceremony
12:00 PM 😭 Event Ends

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How long is MissionHacks?

You will have 24 hours to work on your projects at MissionHacks. We will also have activities before and after the block of coding, so expect to be there from Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening.

Where is MissionHacks?

MissionHacks location is still to be decided


Who can come to MissionHacks?

Any current high school student is welcome to come to MissionHacks β€” all we ask is that you bring a school issued ID with you. Additionally, teachers and parents are welcome to come to the final awards ceremony.

Do I need to know how to code?

MissionHacks is completely beginner friendly β€” coders of all skill levels are welcome to come learn or create something new!

What should I bring?

At the minimum, you'll need a student ID, laptop, and charger. We also recommend bringing a change of clothes, toiletries, and a sleeping bag or pillow. You won't be able to leave MissionHacks after the event starts, so make sure you have any medications you'll need.

Is there any travel assistance?

Unfortunately, we cannot directly provide travel reimbursement for our participants at this time. But you can apply for Execute Big's Travel Grant, so you can join us without having to pay for travel!

Our Team

Last year, we ran MissionHacks I, Bay Areas’s largest one day high school hackathon. This year, we’re bringing it back home: we're bringing together leaders from all over Bay Area to run an event for over 200 high school programmers, hackers, and designers.


Yash Jain

Yash Jain

Founder/Executive Director

Mukul Natarajan

Mukul Natarajan

Director of Technology

<Sai Kolla

Sai Kolla

Director of External Affairs

<Sai Kolla

Suson Routray

Director of External Affairs


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